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Custom-made products - for YOUR individual needs!

If our products don’t fit your requirements or you wish for an individual concept, we will also offer you custom-made products. Certainly you have an idea what fits your event - we will manufacture your idea: From oversized stretch triangles, over custom-made covers for tables and speakers to design elements. There are no limits to your creativity. And if you don‘t have an idea already, we will develop ideas with you.

Custom-made products

Do you need a custom-made cover?

Of course you can get our standard products in a different size. Whether a truss cover in XXS or a screen in XXL - we will find an individual solution for your requirements. For custom made products you can choose other fabrics and colors. Besides we can print the fabrics with your logo, pictures or lettering. Together we can turn your presentation into something quite special thanks to individual shapes and attractive designs. Of course, we meet the fire protection requirements and we can ensure the security of your event.

Are you interested? We look forward to an individual consultation - call or e-mail us (info@expand-cover.de). We will contact you immediately!

Custom-made products
Custom-made products
Custom-made products


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