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Can the black covers be illuminated? 

- Yes, of course. Actually the black covers are more translucent and thus you can make your structure easily stand out with optimal lighting.

How many times is the product printed when one selects the 1x print option? 

- Only once, but feel free to send us an e-mail at for your specific requirements.

How are tripod-covers attached?

- This actually depends on the product and your taste. Some of our customers prefer the use of truss clamps to attach the pro tripod-covers and others use the cable clamps. Our elastic bands work well for the budget range and for small loudspeaker covers.

Are products also available in different colours? 

- Currently, our pro and budget products come only in black or white. However, in the case of an order of more than 300 pieces, we can provide other colour variants.

When do you need a head plate?

- The head plate is only required for large three-legged tripods.

What are the different height variations of the 18950 K&M Table cover? 

- 92.5cm, 87.5cm, 82.5cm, 77.5cm, 72.5cm

Do the budget tripod covers have feet? 

- Yes, but they are not as durable as the PRO variants.

Which is the best way to illuminate your product? 

- We always recommend using LED lights, as conventional lights become too hot. For tables, we recommend the use of LED bars or LED strips glued to the table. To illuminate your truss covers more evenly, we recommend using reflector mirrors.

Are the covers washable? 

- Yes, all our covers are washable. (40 degrees, normal white wash)

How do I remove stains? 

- We recommend Oxi Action.

Are there covers for folding tables? 

- Yes, there is also the possibility of buying them directly as a bundle

Can you send me a sample? 

- Usually not. But, in special cases we can provide you with one, please contact us.

What is the delivery time for custom-made products? 

- We have 3 options here, the express delivery requires up to 3 working days. The standard delivery requires up to 7 working days and the super-saver takes up to 14 days.

How to attach a sub-top combination? 

- With a "Spannfix" elastic bands in the right colour.

What do I have to do if I only want to cover a subwoofer without the pyramid? 

- In this case, simply download the custom-made document and fill in your desired specs.

Do you have Cocktail table covers in different sizes? 

- Yes, we offer Cocktail table covers with 58cm, 68cm, 78cm and 83cm diameter.

Which are the most popular Cocktail tables in England?

- The 60 cm diameter.

Which colours variants can you supply? 

- All colours marked "in stock" can be delivered immediately.

Can you print on any white fabric? 

- Yes, except for some budget products such as a double-sided budget tripod cover, which is already sewn together, as completely stitched products can no longer be printed on.



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