Organza - the new fabric trend of 2020

The transparent, shimmering fabric organza inspires the fashion world in spring 2020. Combined in the right way, the transparent blouses and scarves are suitable for everyday wear as well as for business meetings. The versatility of organza inspires fashion fans everywhere to create new elegant looks. What inspires the fashion world in particular has a long tradition at weddings and other events.

What is organza?

Organza is a shiny, transparent fabric that is often used to decorate rooms and objects. But it is also suitable for clothing. Even with a large volume of fabric,
dresses made of organza are very light and fall softly.
Before the 20th century, organza was made exclusively from silk. With the invention of man-made fibres, however, the composition of the fabric changed.
Today, organza usually consists of 100% polyamide or a synthetic fibre-silk blend. As a rather delicate fabric, the fabric pulls threads quickly and creases easily.
Organza is therefore best cleaned by hand.



What is organza used for?

What is organza used for?

Decoration fabrics made of organza can easily create a festive atmosphere. Numerous colours are available on the market, so many design concepts can be realised. Especially at weddings organza has been very popular for many years. Table runners, sacks or ribbons have their special charm.

Table ribbons can be easily formed. Numerous decorative elements can be placed on them. For example vases with cut flowers, candleholders or acrylic crystals.
With thinner organza ribbons you can also achieve a great effect. For example, a generous bow can be tied around the stem of a flower. Due to the transparency of the fabric, even strong colours never seem dominant, but always a little pastel.

Chair covers look even more elegant in combination with chair bands. Festive occasions, such as weddings, Christmas or anniversaries thus gain the glamour they deserve. Old chairs come to new life with covers and bows.



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